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Job Summary:
The accompanist will be responsible for accompanying an adult church choir and following the direction of a choir director.  He/she shall assist in weekly choir rehearsals and accompany the choir during 2 Sundays per month and special occasions such a Christmas, Lent and Easter. Other accompaniment duties and/or additional time commitment may become necessary as the church's needs develop.

Job Qualifications:
Skilled at playing with a choir
Familiar with sacred music

Job Responsibilities:

1.  Will accompany the choir at Sunday services

  • Must have strong sight-reading skills
  • Must be able to follow choir director’s tempo, dynamics, phrasing, etc.
  • Should be versatile in playing a variety of musical genres including: classical, contemporary, hymns, jazz, gospel
  • Able to improvise
  • Knowledge of basic music theory and choral conducting including: identifying key signatures, choir structure, simple transpositions, beat patterns
  • Sensitive to ensemble challenges such as balancing volume between instrument and voice

2.  Will have a good working relationship with the choir director

3.  Responsible for preparing for Sunday services

  • Will assist in weekly choir rehearsals
  • Will practice independently
  • Will conference with choir director on an “as needed” basis
  • Will be willing to learn Lutheran liturgy and order of service and hymns
  • Will rehearse with persons providing special music

Please send a cover letter with salary requirements and a completed job application to:
Bethesda Lutheran Church
PO Box 210
Carlton, MN 55718

The job application can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document, filled out and emailed to along with a cover letter outlining salary requirements.  The job application is also available as a PDF if you do not have Microsoft Word.  The PDF can only be filled out by hand and then mailed to the address on the form.  To download either document, point at the following links, do a right mouse click and choose Save as...

Application as Word document
Application as PDF document