Since we are unable to gather in groups of more than 10 and will not be offering any classes on premise here is a link to Faith Formation resources for all ages. These are free during this time of social distancing and we are encouraged to share this. 


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Bethesda Youth Recognized
Nixon Mitchell, member of Bethesda Lutheran Church, Carlton, MN. Son of Chris and Wendy Mitchell, Carlton. 
Johanna Bernu, member of Bethesda Lutheran Church, Carlton, MN. Daughter of Chuck and Colleen Bernu, Fond Du Lac Community. 
Also featured are Aubry Compo and Josh Bleskacek, members of Queen of Peace Parish in Cloquet. 
To date, members of the Esko Cloverleafs 4-H Club have sewn and delivered over 450 surgical masks and scrub caps to healthcare workers and facilities around MN. The items are being donated to hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities in the Carlton County area, Fond Du Lac Reservation, and Duluth. Serving our neighbor, regardless of the pathway of service, is a a direct expression of our love for Christ. We are so proud of these youth for their faith-filled service in their communities.  

Fox21 Online  4-H Makes Masks and Scrub Caps for Northlanders

​​Children, Youth, & Family Ministries are committed to uphold the promises we made as parents, sponsors, and a community of faith during Holy baptism in an engaging, relevant, challenging, and meaningful way.​

We invite you to join us as we grow together in our understanding of following Christ’s example in the world.  We offer learning opportunities on both Wednesdays and Sundays. 

2020-2021 Faith Formation Education Brochure

The 2020 Tri- Parish Day Camp is cancelled due to health and safety concerns related to Covid-19.

--Bible Story Time offers elementary school aged children the opportunity to study the weekly Scripture reading through a format designed just for them as well as participate in community worship with their families.  Bible Story Time meets in the Fellowship Hall from 9:00 AM – approximately 9:25 AM; children join their families in worship after the Sermon.
--Sunday Sing n’ Play offers children and youth of all ages the opportunity to learn about Jesus through music.  Sunday Sing n’ Pray meets in the education area of the basement from 10:15 – 10:45 AM September-May.

Wednesday Word and Worship is a community building faith formation and worship experience for all ages.  Join us in the Fellowship Hall starting at 5:30 PM for a light meal, a 6:00 PM vespers style worship service and 6:30 PM Faith Formation.   

Holy Communion Classes for 2nd Grade & up are offered during the Lenten season to help children and their families develop a deeper understanding of the communion meal and prepare for a more active role in the church.  

Introduction to the Bible classes for 3rd Grade & up are offered weekly for the month after students receive their Bible.  With their parents, students in this class explore the Bible and how to create family opportunities to learn together through regular family study.

Prayer Power Classes for 4th & 5th grade & up are offered weekly for the last 5 weeks of the school year.  With their parents, students in this explore the many facets of prayer and helping students develop daily prayer practices.

Confirmation classes for 6th-10th grade encourage students to grow and mature in their faith and understanding of God's Word of Promise by exploring God's plan of salvation in Jesus Christ as found in Scripture and Luther’s Small Catechism.  

Classes are offered as follows:
        6th – 9th grade: Students and their mentors meet weekly for 10 weeks each fall to study one of the following topics: The Lord's Prayer, The              Sacraments, Ten Commandments, The Apostle's Creed.  Classes are designed to engage both students and their mentors in conversation              and exploration.
       10th grade:Students and their mentors meet weekly during Lent to explore core Lutheran concepts and how they connect to everyday life.

Faith Mentorship opportunities for 6th-10th grade students are designed to expand a student’s community of faith, provide opportunities for students to verbalize their own faith and encourage students to learn from and with people within their faith community. Students and mentors meet weekly during the Lenten season.​

Bethesda's acolyte program helps youth of all ages grow in their understanding of Lutheran worship as well as serve as a worship leader.  There is no age requirement to be an acolyte, but youth must be tall enough to comfortably reach the candles.

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